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K108 Harmonium Super Deluxe English Cut Keys, 2 Sets of
458.33 Excluding VAT

550.00 Including VAT

Free delivery in United Kingdom on this Product.

Product Description:

Super Deluxe, 2 set JAS English Reeds & English cut Keys, Vertical Reed board

The English cut keys of the key board made different than the standard keyboard keys. These keys are made in two seprate pieces and then joint with theleather. Benefit of this kind of key is, it give an equal access to the airpressure from Bass and Male reed pallets. So the Bass and the male reeds speak equallyloud and produce same pitch.  Super Deluxe English cut key harmoniumsconsists of 2 sets of JAS steel reeds at Bassand Male fitted in the chamber on the verticalreed pallet. To make vertical reed pallet require high skill and finequality seasoned wood it produce a fine quality sound. The harmonium holds afine quality multi-fold below, whichallows for plenty of air to travel into the chambers with players effortlessaction. JAS English reeds, which aremanufactured by highly precision technology, filter out giving a clear,consistent and long sustained sound.We take pride on the long duration of a note our harmoniums can hold, which isalways necessary for performance playing. The harmonium has 42 keys ranging from lower C to higher F.This harmonium also has 4 drones CD F and G, and also a trembler function is fitted.

The harmonium is made of best qualityTeak wood. harjit

Approx weight: 12Kg

Approx dimensions: Standard fixedmodel (not folding): Width 58cm x Height 28cm x Depth 32cm


Manufactured exclusively in the JAS factory with a final examination, setupand fine tuning by qualified and highly experienced technicians in London, thusassuring the customer that the quality of the instrument they are purchasing isto the highest standard.

All orders are dispatched from our dispatch department in London.


JAS is the onlycompany that provides a one year guarantee and one free service within thefirst year back to base.  So buy with confidence.  We assure you ourbest after sale service.

Shipping Time

We want you to receive the instrument inperfect condition. That is why each product ordered from our website is senttoour workshop for final checks and tuning before being dispatched. Forthisreason it may take up to 5 working days to dispatch the item.

When the order is placed, you will receiveour automated invoice with order reference number. Please use this referencenumber in the subject line if you are emailing us for any special instructionsor asking more about product or any other query.

You will receive tracking number from ourdispatch department as soon as your order has been dispatched. This informationmay be used to track your order online.

Returns Policy

We have a no quibble returns policy. Ifyou not happy with the instrument it may be returned within 14 days of deliveryprovided it is returned in the exact condition as received.

No questions willbeasked.

A full refund of the original cost of yourproduct will be returned subject to its condition when we receive it back.

Buyer will have to paythe return charges.

Terms and conditions

Two prices are displayed,

for UK and EU CustomersVAT Included prices

for the customers fromrest of the world excluding VAT prices.

Customs Duty (where payable)is not included in the Item Price or the Shipping Cost.

Displayed images are our libraryimages; colours, shades, crafts and fittings may vary on the products supplied.Our instruments are had made from natural materials such aswood and skins andtherefore there are likely to be slight variations from one instrument to thenext.

Insignificant marks may appear whileassembling, rechecking and tuning the instruments.

If you notice any problems in yourinstrument during the guaranty period or even after the guaranty period pleasedo not hesitate to contact our technical department. Our technicians willbe very happy to help you.

Please do not hesitateto contact us if you have any question we assure you our bestco-operation 

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