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MB110k Learn to play on Harmonium

Harmonium is the foreign musical instrument. When the Europeans took over the regin of India in their hands, they brought several instruments like Piano, Organ, Violin and Harmonium etc. with them. The Harmonium is such an instrument that needs no tuning like other stringed instruments. Besides, the setting of keys of this instruments is so simple that one can fix every key according to the pitch of voice and play it easily. So, in a very short period the Harmonium became so popular in India that its sound was heard in every corner of the country, In historical music, too, it was played with Sarangi instrument in theatres.

This book, has explained the basic principles of Playing tunes on Harmonium in an easy way. If a student of music tries to study and play according to the directions, he will not find any diffuculty to play film songs’ tunes. Illustrated the sitting positions, handling of Harmonium, using fingers on keys and handling of bellows according to the tune of songs.


Hopefully this book will prove a great help to the music lovers of every stage.


Part I – Introduction



Different Types of Harmonium

Understanding Different Parts of Harmonium

Understanding Different Types of Harmonium

Parts of Harmonium


Part II – Learning the Instrument


Sitting position on Harmonium

Identification of Keyboard

Movement of Fingers

Use of Bellow

Production of Basic Notes (Swaras)

Basic Exercise


Part III – Understanding Music on Harmonium


The Evolution of ‘Swaras’ (Notes) in Indain music

Brief outlines on Indian music theory

Taal & Lay (Time & Rhythm)

Lay (Rhythm or Speed)

Indian music notation system

Western notation system

Points to remember for combined notation system

Combined notation system

Boles of Famous Thekas

Indian music notation on Harmonium


Part IV – Exercise


Natural Scale of Exercise

Sharp Note

Half Tone note exercise

Exercise on Ragas

-          Rag Bhairavi

-          Rag Bhoopali

-          Raga Bageshwary

Exercises on Hindi film songs

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