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Harjit Singh Shah


One of the amazing things about Indian Music is the fact that it has changed very little over the centuries by passing trends and fashions. This is so, not only for the musical system, but also for the instruments’ design and manufacture. Ancient techniques demanding great skill and patience are still being used in an age where machines are dominant. Even so the intricate craftsmanship is beginning to die out. The instrument makers are often struggling to earn a good living.

In India and the UK there is one man, Harjit Singh Shah, who is very aware of this problem and has devoted his life to up-keeping the standards of the old traditional ways of making Indian musical instruments and seeing to it that the craftsmen are paid well enough to want to continue.

Having studied the finer details of the instrument making with some of the top exponents of the craft in India, he did his Masters degree from The London Guildhall University and will carry on to The M.Phil/Ph.D to learn modern tools and technology for the development of his instruments. Recent developments include the invention of new harmonium reeds and some innovations with the design of the dhol drum.

He started his business of JAS Musicals with his wife Jasmeet and was later joined by his brother Kanweljeet from the USA.

JAS Musicals is based in London, with a large factory and manufacturing plant for Indian instruments in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh in India, specializing in instruments from all over India, having extensive ranges of both Classical and Folk instruments from all areas.

JAS have established themselves as the leaders in this field with worldwide distribution, be it for the individual customer, other retailers or the experienced artists. JAS have also had the honor to look after well-known artists from all over the world.



Harjit Singh Shah