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Punam Flutes By Subash

JAS Musicals Authorised Distributors

While Subhash Thakur was learning to play the Bansuri from India’s renowned performer Ustad Fahimullah Khan, his attention was drawn to the dying art of making them. He researched the field and developed the skill of making Bansuri at the same time as he was learning to perform. One day he showed to his guruji, Pt. Amarnath Ji, a Bansuri he had made. Pandit Ji was amazed at the quality of the instrument that had been produced. He blessed him and asked him if he could make some flutes for Pandit Ji's son. There the enterprise started and now he is one of the best flute makers of India and also a senior flutist in the I&B Ministry of India. JAS Musicals Limited is the sole distributor in UK & Europe for Subash Thakur Bansuris (flutes)
Punam Flutes By Subash
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