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Shruti Box

The word ‘Shruti’ is often used to describe a microtone or a drone of a particular pitch. The Shruti box, therefore, is most commonly known as a drone box that produces drones at varying pitches. The fascinating feature of a Shruti box is that it can be played continuously as a single note or also as a chord and is most commonly used for vocal training or to accompany vocalists, Flute players, South Indian Nathaswaram, and North Indian Shehnai. The Shruti box was used to help vocalists create a stronger pitch control and understanding of a scale thus improving their tonal quality through much practice. The instrument itself is now used worldwide for meditation purposes and yet still for training and performance purposes. We have also made Shruti boxes for Celtic, Irish, and Scottish music.
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JAS Deluxe Shruti box Chromatic 13 Brass Reeds C to C
Exc. Tax: €146,95
Inc. Tax: €176,34
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Shruti Box Chromatic 18 JAS English Reads G to C
Exc. Tax: €235,95
Inc. Tax: €283,14
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K126 - White
Shruti Box Chromatic, White, JAS English Reads G to C
Exc. Tax: €269,95
Inc. Tax: €323,94
JAS Shruti box carry bag padded
Exc. Tax: €14,95
Inc. Tax: €17,94

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