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JAS Tanpuri BASS / Travelers Model with Hard Case

SKU: S115-Bass
  • Tanpuri or Travelers tanpura made of good quality Toon (Red Ceder) wood. 
  • Tanpuri has Solid wood hollowed body
  • This Tanpura is without dried pumpkin resonator
  • Tanpuri has four strings Pa Sa Sa are German Steel and Bass Sa is English Brass
  • Tanpuri It has wounded strings
  • Sa strings tune to C, C# scale
  • A thin piece of cotton or silk string slide between the bridge and metal strings to adjust the tonal quality.
  • Strings are plucked in a rhythm to produce a definite drone pattern for the music.
  • Quality of material, finishing, carving, engraving, style, design and scale of Tanpura defines the models of Tanpuras