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Learn to play tabla is an interactive DVD composed by Tabla Bisharad Sudershan Das. The recomended strategies and techniques are the successful outcome of trials, which were tested at the Tabla and Dhol Academy in London to ensure effective learning for beginners. The DVD is a complete package for self-help learning without the need for the teacher., and is enriched with additional materials and helpful guidance. It includes step by step procedurees to support Tabla playing and learning. This guidance includes:1. An introduction to the Indian Classical Music.2.An introduction to the basic Tabla Diagram.3. A video demonstration on strokes (Matra), Kaidas and relay (solo and group demonstration with a range of compositions of the Tabla playing).4. Kaidas and Relay (a typical sixteen beat rhythm) demonstration with examples.5. Glossary - definations of common musical terms (such as Tala, Matra, Bols, Khali, Theka)6. Course notes with guidance on how to make correct strokes with technical flairs.7. Mac and PC compatible