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JAS Saraswati Veena 3/4 size Ekandha

SKU: S133

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Saraswati Veena, JOINT (Attu), Standard Quality, Plastic Carving, 3/4 Size, Made of Jack woodJAS Brand Saraswati VeenaJAS brand Saraswati Veena?s are Tanjour Veenas. The basic structure of theVeena is made in Tanjour by highly experienced Veena makers involved in thetrade since generations. Further work like adjustments of the wax fret board,polish, fixing the strings (We use German Steel and English Brass & Bronzestrings) done in our factory in Delhi. The fine adjustments of the completedVeena like tuning and setting of the Shrutis are done in our London workshop byour expert technicians. All our Veena?s are dispatched from London.We also carry out therepairs to Veena in our workshop in London