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Professional Instrument Repair Services








At JAS Musicals we offer professional repair services to our customers. We specialise in repairing musical instruments of India, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan.

We repair all types of Drums: Dhol, Dholak, Naal, Pakhawaj, Dhak, Khol, Mirdangam, Tavil etc…, String instruments: Sitar, Tanpura, Dilruba, Rabab, Ek-Tara, Do-Tara, Tumbi, Sarod, etc…. and Keyboard Instruments: Harmoniums, Bulbul Tarang, Shahi Baja, Trisocoto etc...

We have qualified and experienced technicians with deep knowledge about the shape, structure and functionality of these Instruments. As we manufacture instruments, most of the spare parts are readily available. Repair work is undertaken only after full examination of the instrument and explaining in detail the work required and agreeing the costs with the customer.

Please do not bring in your instrument for repair without booking an appointment first.


  • Reed Replacement: Installation of new reeds to restore or enhance the instrument's sound quality and responsiveness. 
  • Bellows Repair: Repair or replacement of damaged or leaky bellows to ensure proper airflow and consistent sound production. 
  • Key Repair: Repair or replacement of damaged
    or stuck keys to restore proper playability and responsiveness.
  • Tuning: Precise adjustment of reeds and keys to ensure accurate pitch and tonal balance across the keyboard. 
  • Cleaning and Maintenance: Thorough cleaning of internal components, including reeds, keys, and bellows, to remove dust, debris, and moisture buildup. 
  • Structural Repairs: Professional repair of cracks,dents, or other damage to the harmonium's body or frame to maintain structural integrity. 



  • Re-heading: Replacement of worn-out drumheads for tabla, dholak, mridangam, and other drum varieties. 
  • Tuning: Precise adjustment of drum tension for optimal sound quality and pitch accuracy. 
  • Structural Repairs: Professional repair of cracks, dents, or other damage to the drum body or hardware. 
  • Fine-tuning: Adjustment of drum components such as
    straps, bolts, and rings to ensure stability and resonance.
  • Restoration: Comprehensive restoration services to revitalize vintage or heavily used drums to their original condition. 



  • Restringing: Replacement of old or broken strings with high-quality strings suitable for Dilruba, sitar, sarod, tanpura, veena and other string instruments. 
  • Bridge Adjustment: Precise adjustment of the
    bridge to ensure proper string height, intonation, and tonal balance.
  • Fretwork: Repair or replacement of damaged or
    worn frets for improved playability and tone.
  • Nut and Saddle Adjustment: Fine-tuning of the
    nut and saddle to optimize string action and resonance.
  • Crack Repair: Professional repair of cracks or damage to the instrument body to maintain structural integrity and sound quality. 

 We carry out complete repairing and restoration of Veena and Sitar.


  • Adjustments of shrutis Repair or  replacement of broken pegs
  • Structural damage          
  • Fret leveling and dressing
  • Wax repairing
  • Repairing or replacing damaged "Malam".
  • High-quality string replacement 



    • High-quality string replacement structural damage
    • Refinishing and polishing
    • Repair or replacement of worn out tuning pegs.
    • Fret leveling, crowning, and dressing.
    • Fingerboard cleaning and conditioning.
    • Gourd Repair and Maintenance
    • Bridge Repair and Adjustment



    • Expert Craftsmanship: Our team consists of skilled luthiers with years of experience in musical instruments repair and restoration.
    • Quality Materials: We use only the finest materials to ensure durability and superior sound quality.
    • Attention to Detail: Every repair is carried out with meticulous attention to detail, respecting the traditional craftsmanship of the instrument.
    • Customer Satisfaction: We prioritize your satisfaction, offering consultations and updates throughout the repair process.


    How It Works

    1. Consultation: Call us at 02085742686 Schedule an appointment and discuss the issue

    2. Assessment: Thorough inspection and diagnosis of the instrument and cost estimate.

    3. Repair and Restoration: Skilled execution of the agreed-upon repairs.

    4. Final Review  Final quality check and tuning.

    5. Pickup: Come to collect your instrument