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Afghan Rabab and Cases

Afghan Rabab and Cases

Rabab, Rebab, Rubab, Robab and many other similar words are used for Central and South Asian string Instruments. These words identify the instruments that have related features with some variances. Although Rabab is a national instrument of Afghanistan, it is also widely used by Turkish, Persian, Pakistani and Kashmiri musicians. A Similar kind of instrument was adopted by Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak. It was played by his companion, Mardana, throughout the Guru’s journeys. Presently it is played by many Sikh preachers ( ragis ) in the congregation kirtan. Rabab is also widely played in India by Kashmiri musicians at weddings, festivals and in Sufi music. JAS brand Rababs are made by highly skilled Rabab makers who follow on from generations of craftsmen in their families. All our Rababs are made of good quality single piece toot (Mulberry) wood. The wood quality, workmanship and decorations distinguish the different models of Rabab from one and another©Harjit All our Rababs are finally setup by trained technicians in UK before supplying to the customers. We also undertake repair and restoration work of Rababs to a very high standard
Afghan Rabab and Cases
Snark Tuner, Chromatic
Exc. Tax: £19.16
Inc. Tax: £22.99
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JAS Rabab Strings
Exc. Tax: £16.66
Inc. Tax: £19.99
JAS Steel String Coil Made in England
Exc. Tax: £16.66
Inc. Tax: £19.99
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Brass String Coil Made in England
Exc. Tax: £16.66
Inc. Tax: £19.99
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Phosphor Bronze Coil Made in England
Exc. Tax: £16.66
Inc. Tax: £19.99
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JAS Rabab Full Neck Enlayed
Exc. Tax: £500.00
Inc. Tax: £600.00
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JAS Rabab half neck Inlayed
Exc. Tax: £416.66
Inc. Tax: £499.99
JAS Rabab Case
Exc. Tax: £123.33
Inc. Tax: £148.00
JAS Sitar Monga Dori
Exc. Tax: £8.33
Inc. Tax: £10.00

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