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JAS Harmonium Yoga Deluxe Model JAS English Reeds Portable

SKU: K106P

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JAS Harmonium Deluxe Model, 3 ¼ Octave, 4 Stoppers 4 Drones and one Tremolo or Vibrato, folding Body

Product Features

Deluxe Harmonium the K106P Deluxe Harmonium is the range of Finest quality JAS English Reed Harmoniums. It consists of 2 sets of steel reeds at Bass and Male sound tuned to 440Hz + .5c. The harmonium holds a multi-fold below, which allows for plenty of air to travel into the air chambers and filter out to give a clear, consistent and long sound. We take pride on the long duration of a note our harmoniums can hold, which is always necessary for performance playing. The harmonium has 39 keys ranging from lower C to higher D. This harmonium also has 4 drones which can be tuned to your likening and also a trembler function. A popular function of this item is the above octave coupler system. This allows you to play a note with the note an octave higher automatically being 'coupled'. This creates a grander sound and sounds fantastic when playing chords however you have the option to have the coupler leaver on or off. We have a few colours in this harmonium, the most popular being the dark cherry or dark brown colour. This harmonium is made of Indian Kail wood.

 Product Materials

The cabinet of the Super Deluxe model harmonium is made from a light weight good quality Indian Kail wood and it is stained and finished with lacquer. Bellows are made of good quality laminated card board. French polish, Wood colour sealer and lacquer applied for finishing of the instrument. Handmade brass reeds are fixed on the reed board at inside chamber of the harmonium. Keyboard keys are covered with nylon material for smooth playing. 

Product Dimensions

When it is folded 19 cm High 36 cm wide and 57cm Length, Weight 11 Kgs Approximately


Package Contain

Harmonium Fully tuned ready to play.


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