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JAS Super Special Orchestral Concert Harmonium

SKU: K115

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JAS 4Sets 13 Scale Changer Harmonium 4 Sets, 1Bass-2Male-1Higherset of JAS English Reeds K115 JAS ScaleChanger Harmonium is a unique harmonium of its kind. Orchestral quality long- sustained sound, no overtones and feathertouch action enhance your ability of singing composing or accompanyingmusic. It has very strong andfinest quality teak wood standard shape cabinet with excellent workmanship, It has 4 Octave range 4 sets of finest quality JASEnglish Reeds, 1Bass- 2Male-1Higher, tuned to 440Hz, 36 Keys Keyboard fromLower Octave Bass ?C? to Higher Octave ?C?, Multi Foldfeeder below and Lower Octave Coupler. It has range of 13 scales to change