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JAS Tanpura Miraj Gents With Hardcase

SKU: S117G

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Tanpura Deluxe Model Tanpura Gents (Miraj)The Tanpura is called as the Tambura (Devanagari: तम्पूरा) is along necked plucked lute, tumba made with a dried Gourd. This is a stringedinstrument found in different versions in different places. This is alsocalled Tambora in Marathi, Tambura in South India, Tamburo inGujarati, or Tanpura in North India in its bodily shape somewhat resembles the sitar,but it has no frets, as only the open strings are played as a harmonicaccompaniment to the other musicians. It has four or five (rarely, six) wirestrings, which are plucked one after another in a regular pattern to create aharmonic resonance on the basic noteStandard tunning of the Tanpura is PA sa sa SA means if you want to tune yourTanpura on 'C' note, then 1st string 'G 'lower 2nd string 'C'natural, 3rd string 'C' natural 4th string 'C' lower.