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JAS Musicals

Our Passion

To provide the best service, the best instruments at the lowest prices to the lovers of Indian Musical Instruments around the world.


We specialise in repairs to all musical instruments

Makers & Innovators

We manufacture our own instruments

Jas Musicals

Top Indian Musicals Instrument Manufacturer In UK

JAS Musicls
All Types Of GUITAR & Accessories

Repair of Drums:

Dhol, Dholak, Naal, Pakhawaj, Dhak, Khol, Mirdangam, Tavil etc...,
● Replacement and repair of Head
● Replacement of Strap String and Thong,
● Repair and replacement of hardware,
● Tightening and Tuning of drums.

Repair of Paddle Harmonium:

● Harmoniums, Bulbul Tarang, Shahi Baja, Trisocoto etc...
● All kind of repair work of Harmoniums
● Tuning of two, three sets and scale changer harmonium
● Replacements and tuning of broken reeds
● Restoration of broken Body work

Our store

120 The Broadway,
Southall, UB1 1QF

Tel: +44 208 574 2686

Mon Closed

Tue - Fri, 11 am - 6 pm
Sat - Sun, 12 Noon - 6pm