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JAS Musicals Limited ( Company number: 02595352 )

120 The Broadway



Tel: +44 0208 574 2686

Email: info@jas-musicals.com


JAS Musicals Limited manufacture top quality Indian musical instruments using tradition methods juxtaposed with modern technological innovations.

We sell, repair and hire Indian musical instruments through our Southall store in the UK as well as our online store serving musicians all over the world.


JAS Musicals was founded in 1985 by a passionate couple Harjit & Jasmeet.

Jasmeet born, brought up and studied in oxford, Harjit graduated from Delhi and post graduated from London Guildhall. Whereas Jasmeet is famous for looking after the customers with her caring nature, Harjit is known for his technical expertise and sharing his knowledge and experiences of instruments making techniques with his customers.

Hard work to achieve the goal, focus on the subject and continuous research resulted in a quality musical instrument making company - JAS Musicals.

Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves on our customer relations and our passion to provide the best service, the best instruments and the best prices to musicians of Indian music around the globe.

Our passion for instruments made using traditional skills, as well as using modern technological innovations has secured Jas Musicals Ltd as a world expert in top quality Indian instruments, as well as creating a bridge between East and West in regard to musical culture.

To guarantee our success first we need to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Our Aim

  • Application of modern technology to manufacture traditional instruments.
  • Develop traditional instruments in line with modern music of the world.
  • Design instruments compatible to the contemporary education system.
  • Investigation of the materials used in manufacturing the instruments in regards to the environment.
  • Design and manufacture instruments for the needs of from beginners to professionals


Our company

Harjit has a passion for Indian music and instruments and finds it fascinating that very little has changed in regard to traditional Indian music over the centuries. He is proud that JAS Musicals is a continuing and valuable part of that long history.

We have been producing Indian musical instruments in our custom factory for more than 35 years. Over these years the hard work of the team has established JAS Musicals as a market leader and most acceptable brand of Indian Musical Instruments.

Indian musical instruments have been made in the same way for hundreds of years but in the modern world the skills required are slowly dying out. We are passionate about conserving these crafts and therefore ensure all our instruments are made in the traditional, time honored fashion in our factory.

That doesn’t mean we are not innovative – here at Jas Musicals we have the expertise in musical technology to improve on traditional methods and designs using modern techniques and materials meaning a much richer experience for musicians.

We pride ourselves on only using the best materials and the most skilled craftsmen for the production and repairs of our instruments, ensuring each one is high quality and ethically sourced.

Harjit Shah