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Dholak, Dhol and Tabla

Call us today to book and hire the Dhol, Dholak  and Tabla for your next performance, practice session, or special event.


  • This is a full size Standard Conventional
    shape body Dhol Drum.
  • Made in England in JAS workshop in
  • JAS brand black treble head fixed at
    the treble side by steel rim and good
    quality JAS turnbuckles.
  • Good quality fully treated natural skin
    base head is fixed at the base side by
    non-stretchable rope.
  • Rope intervene through the small
    chrome plated rings, which are used
    to adjust the tension to tune the base head.
  • Treble give high pitch sound and base give an impact of powerful base sound.



  • The Best Quality Treble and Base heads are fitted.
  • Good quality steel chrome plated
    turnbuckles to tune the heads
  • Made of Good quality treated,
    seasoned wood
  • Smooth and soft in playing.
    Long lasting.
  • The Best quality JAS Brand Dholak / Dholki
    Drum for Wedding, Mehndi, Kirtan and all
    other social cultural religious and spiritual occasions.



  • A good quality JAS Tabla Pair / Set.
  • Tabla Dayan is made of seasoned wood. Tabla Bayan is made of Brass and it is Chrome plated.
  • Both The Heads of Tabla Dayan and Bayan are made independently on the individual shell That’s why both drums sound good.
  • Dayan sound ‘C#’, ‘D’ or ‘D#’ and Bayan sound deep Base.
  • It is easy in playing means you don’t need to apply muscular power to get the sound out.