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JAS Khol Deluxe

SKU: D175
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Tunned with Black shyahi at the base side material similar like Tabla base. 23? Size

Descreption:- One of the sides of the khol is much smaller than the other. Both sides are covered with naturally dead cow or goat skin. The smaller head (the dayan) and the bigger bass head (the baya) are usually three-layered heads in addition to a special central region of rice paste, glue, and iron known as the syahi. The drum is played with palms and fingers of both hands.

The Khol also known as a Mrdanga (lit. ?mrit+anga? = ?clay body?) is a terracotta two-sided drum used in northern and eastern India for accompaniment with devotional music (bhakti). It originates from the Indian state West Bengal. In addition, it has uses in Bengali folk and semi-classical music.