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JAS Concert Sarangi with Hardcase

SKU: S122A

We have run out of stock for this item.

JAS Concert quality Sarangi

  • Engineered from finest quality treated, seasoned Toon wood
  • The best quality treated natural skin parchment fixed to achieve best nuance of Sarangi resonances
  • Superlative quality polished Sa & Pa JAS England brand gut strings are strung
  • Sympathetic strings are fine Quality English Steel
  • All peg holes are reamered to keep the strings stay in tune
  • JAS England brand professional Bow, Good quality English Rosin and Hardcase comes with it
  • Fine quality natural hairs are used to make the JAS bows and also mechanical tension adjuster is fitted on the bow
  • Good quality made in England rosin comes with this saangi