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JAS Super Special Portable13 Scale Changer

SKU: K115P

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JAS 4 Sets, 13 Scale Changer Harmonium (PortableBody) 4 Sets, 1Bass-2Male-1Higher sets of JAS EnglishReeds JAS 4 Set Scale Changer Portable is a similar harmonium like K115 Standardother than the folding cabinet. Upper part of the harmonium folds down to thelower body and lid comes on top, it converts like a suitcase.K115 JAS 4set Scale Changer Harmoniumis a unique harmonium of its kind. Orchestralquality long- sustained sound, no overtones and feather touch action enhanceyour ability of singing composing or accompanying music. It has very strong and finest qualityteak wood standard shape cabinet with excellent workmanship, It has 4 Octaverange 4 sets of finest quality JAS English Reeds, 1Bass- 2Male-1Higher, tunedto 440Hz, 36 Keys Keyboard from Lower Octave Bass ?C? to HigherOctave ?C?, Multi Fold feeder below and Lower Octave Coupler. It hasrange of 13 scales to change