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Bhangra Dhol & Dhol Cases

Bhangra Dhol, Dhol Cases & Parts
JAS Musicals started working on the development of the Dhol and its manufacturing process in the UK back in 1985. The modern shape of the UK Bhangra Dhol is the result of 30 years of academic research and hard work. With formal and academic research qualifications from Guildhall University London, JAS takes pride in the work that has been carried out not only in Dhols but also on other musical instrument technologies. This research has proven that JAS has gained extensive knowledge about woods, metals, and synthetic materials used in musical instruments manufacturing. JAS' unique code of conduct has meant that from buying tree trunks, the seasoning of the wood, developing and making Dhol shells, processing various natural skins, application of various treatments to the woods and skins, application of finishing materials to the wooden shells, and skilfully assembling the finished Dhol can all be executed under one roof in JAS' own factory. The Dhol drums have been carefully designed and models and measurements have been standardised according to the requirements of different age groups, learners, and performers. We have manufactured innumerable dhols and supplied them worldwide. We continue to receive positive feedback and appreciation from our thousands of happy customers spread around the world. 

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