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Extensive research, incessant quality control and persistency on high workmanship has allowed JAS brand Harmoniums to stand out in the Indian Musical Instruments market to this day. Manufactured exclusively in the JAS factory with a final examination, setup and fine tuning by qualified and highly experienced technicians in London, assures the customer that the quality of the instrument they are purchasing is to its highest standard. The wide range of Harmoniums means that there is a product available for all levels. Offering a one year warranty and after care facilities including a free service within the year allows the life of the JAS Harmonium to be maintained to its best. With the skills to customise to the customer’s specifications and requirements, JAS are specialists in creating bespoke Harmoniums. JAS take pride in the finest quality of sound produced by their own manufactured JAS reeds and undertake strict assessments to allow for a consistent standard. The nineteenth century French invention of harmonium reeds was redesigned by Harjit Shah, founder of JAS. Our reeds are always under continuous analysis to allow for further improvement and development. The contemporary harmonium reeds enable JAS brand Harmoniums to produce an accurate pitch and long sustained sound on a very low air pressure...

Special Offers
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JAS Deluxe Shruti box Chromatic 13 Brass Reeds C to C
Exc. Tax: £125.00
Inc. Tax: £150.00
Sold Out
JAS Yoga Harmonium Folding body
Exc. Tax: £250.00
Inc. Tax: £300.00
JAS Baby Dhol
Exc. Tax: £62.50
Inc. Tax: £75.00
Sold Out
JAS Junior Dhol Drum Stained, Knotted
Exc. Tax: £141.67
Inc. Tax: £170.00
Sold Out
JAS Yoga Harmonium Standard body
Exc. Tax: £208.33
Inc. Tax: £250.00

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