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JAS Tabla Set Deluxe Quality Decorative Black Bayan


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JAS Tabla Set Deluxe Quality, Decorative Black Bayan

Product Features

A good quality JAS Tabla Pair / Set. Tabla Dayan made of seasoned Mehogny wood. Tabla Bayan made of Brass and it is powder coted black,chiseled decorative. Both The Heads of Tabla Dayan and Bayan are made independently on the individual shell That’s why both drums sound good. Dayan sound ‘C#’, ‘D’ or ‘D#’ and Bayan sound deep Base. It is easy in playing.

Product Materials

The Best quality Handmade fully treated Seasoned Mehogny wood Dayan and Bayan Handmade Powder coated black. Dayan and Bayan heads are handmade and made of fully treated natural skin. Bayan is strung with Un-stretchable special tape, and Dayan Strung with traditional natural skin thong / strap / badhi 8 Wooden dowels fixed on Dayan for fine tuning. 

Product Dimensions 

Bayan Head Approximately 9” diameter and height of Bayan is 11”. Dayan Head is approximately 5 ¼” or 5 ½” diameter and height of Dayan is 10” to 10.5”

Packa ge Contain

Tabla Bayan Drum, Tabla Dayan Drum

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